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CSofNY is a busy place where a lot of activity and positive energy abound. At any given moment, on any day of the week, a person can expect to interact with peers and staff.

A wide range of core services is offered in order to meet the unique needs of those seeking treatment. Our diverse team of qualified professionals can assist individuals with varying needs. After thorough evaluation utilizing compassionate listening, an experienced professional will collaborate with each person to develop a realistic plan to address several life areas. Each person can move beyond the grip of chemical dependency, toward inner peace, healthy relationships, and satisfying productivity.


Graduations are an important day for all our clients. We love to celebrate with each client for the tremendous efforts and hard work they demonstrated to reach a successful outcome.

We look forward with them for their futures. The whole-person improvement they demonstrate equips them with strong personal tools to stay beyond the grip of chemical dependency, toward inner peace, healthy relationships, and hopefully a future of satisfying productivity.

Not all our graduating clients wish to share their success in photos, some have graciously allowed us to capture the awesome moments with us.

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NY Holiday

For 2018, CSofNY held a fun event throughout the day.

Many of our current and past clients stopped by for some great food, fun and celebrations in a drug and achohol free environment.
Check out all the smiles, It was a great time!

Ask to get on our announcement list and we’ll notify you of our next event. Join us soon for some more fun and some awesome conversation.

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