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Outcomes Beyond Recovery

Counseling Services of New York (CSofNY) is a non-intensive, OASAS 822 licensed outpatient chemical dependency treatment program. CSofNY was founded in 2005 and has since grown to provide a full array of counseling services to individuals who have chosen to succeed in addiction recovery. Working tirelessly in the heart of the South Bronx, the staff at CSofNY have made a long-term commitment to serving people with varying needs, but a common desire to be free of substance abuse, develop healthy relationships, and prosper in a chosen career.

Our Mission

The mission of Counseling Services of New York is to deliver quality treatment to all who seek our services. Through knowledge, support, and structure, we strive to empower each person to meet the highest potential in an atmosphere of honesty, fairness, empathy, and respect.

Working Together

As part of a team, a person can accomplish far more through collaborating with a variety of professionals. Our counselors facilitate dynamic and relevant group counseling sessions in a safe and encouraging environment, as well as individualized treatment and recovery programs that promote successful outcomes that change lives.

Core Services

A wide range of core services is offered in order to meet the unique needs of those seeking treatment. Our diverse team of qualified professionals can assist individuals with varying needs. After thorough evaluation utilizing compassionate listening, an experienced professional will collaborate with each person to develop a realistic plan to address several life areas. Each person can move beyond the grip of chemical dependency, toward inner peace, healthy relationships, and satisfying productivity.

Core Services

CSofNY intends to support every person toward core outcomes:

Evidence-Based Practices

CSofNY delivers all services using evidenced-based techniques that are effective, proven methods for planning treatment, providing group and individual counseling, and connecting people to additional resources in the community. 

All such methods focus on a strong collaboration between our professionals and the person in treatment to develop plans, determine priorities, and move toward successful outcomes.

Additional Services

In addition to progressing toward maintaining total sobriety, which is the initial core of treatment, the staff at CSofNY are knowledgeable and equipped, through a variety of linkage agreements with other types of service providers in the community, to assist people to achieve many important outcomes.

 CSofNY professionals can refer people to other agencies that specialized in the above areas, and coordinate with these outside professionals to be part of an overall plan for treatment and recovery.

Why Choose Us

The overall experience at CSofNY is designed to foster accomplishment. We are aware that success can mean many things many people. With the support of a primary assigned professional, each person will have an opportunity to define success, and participate in a treatment plan that promotes accomplishments. Whatever those accomplishments may be, CSofNY knows that every person can achieve much more than what may have seemed unimaginable before:

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